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Must use our in-house catering service!

Personalized Touch Catering

Whether this is your first event to be catered or one of many, we can provide the right ingredients to make your event a total success.

Flair & innovation are blended with efficient organization for ALL functions & events. You will get impeccable quality, service and value, whether you are planning a large corporate event or a small social gathering. We offer complete catering services from planning the menu to food service to cleaning up afterwards.

Our goal is to make this easy for you. Browse around our site, "www.pt-catering.com/" and you will see how simple and fabulous we can make your event! If you have any questions, give us a call. We are happy to help.

Personalized Touch Catering, LLC
Catering for all occasions
In the Southern Maryland Area

301-373-3253 or 301-904-9899

St. Mary's Elks Lodge 2092
Banquet Facility


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$700   For non-members (This price does include setup and cleanup)

$350   for non members if its during the day (Monday through Friday). 

$500   For a memberís function (example work party, class reunion or extend family memberís event).  Would also need to pay $150 setup/cleanup fee.

$350   For member (for him or herself, spouse and children)  Would also need to pay $150 setup/cleanup fee

$150   Fee if a Lodge preferred caterer is not used Ė Lodge items and supplies may not be used


A deposit of $350.00 is required at the time of reservation contract signing.

Lodge Social Hall

Use of the social hall will be limited to a maximum of 200 people.  This includes the area in the rear of the Lodge, which has all facilities necessary for guests.

This is a NON-SMOKING facility.  Smokers may use the rear deck for smoking.

The kitchen can only be used by licensed caterers or Elk members due to insurance issues.  Caterer will need to fill out a kitchen agreement.

Social Hall Reservation and Contract for Lease

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We have a bartending service that includes cash bar, open bar or tab bar.  You can also buy kegs and wine for a wine table.


* = Price subject to change
1/2 Keg $160 each *
1/4 Keg $120 each *
Wine and Champagne    
Glen Ellen-Merlot-Chardonnay-White Zinfandel $14 Bottle *
Champagne (Andre) $14 Bottle *

Bartender Fees

First 4 Hours $60  
Every Hour Past The First 4 $20  
Liquor Prices    
Single Mixed Drink (Rail) $3.50 *
Single Mixed Drink (Top/Premium) $4.00 *
Double/Mixed Drink (Rail) $5.50 *
Double/Mixed Drink (Top/Premium) $6.00 *
Wine Per Glass $3.00 *
Champagne Glasses -Plastic Flutes - 10 Pack $12.00  

Bartenders are required to stay only as long as contracted.  If a customer desires the bartender to stay past the contracted time, it is solely up to the remaining bartenderís discretion.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:  By law, no alcoholic beverage may be brought on our premises for consumption.  All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from BPOE 2092, under our license, and consumed in the Lodge.  No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the parking lot

Any violation of this policy will constitute a breach of contract and may result in the termination of the event.  No refund will be given.

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In 2010, a brand new audio and visual system was installed in the hall.  This system includes 10 high-quality recessed commercial speakers mounted in the ceiling so that they are virtually unnoticeable by sight but very easily heard.  They provide an even flow of sound throughout the entire hall so that everybody gets the exact same quality and volume of sound whether they are in the very front or the very back of the hall.

The sound system is compatible with any device that has a 1/8 inch stereo out jack such as laptops, iPods, MP3 Players, etc.  It is the same type of connection as a pair of common headphones would use.   The system can also accommodate a larger 1/4 inch stereo jack output and RCA outputs.  A cordless microphone is available as well as CD and Karaoke player.  There are input connections in the AV room as well as on the wall opposite of the AV Room next to the Hall entrance so you can connect your laptop or MP3 player in either of the two places.  This allows you to hide your laptop in the AV room for slide show presentations that you may want to run unattended or you can control your laptop from inside the hall area while giving a presentation to your guests.

An electric powered screen is available at the front of the hall for giving presentations and playing slide shows. A Dell front projector is mounted above and can be connected to from in the AV room or on the wall opposite of the AV room in the hall area.  Cables for connecting your laptop are available and kept inside the AV room.  A remote for operating the projector is also available in the AV room.  Volume controls are mounted on the wall in the AV room so you can easily adjust the volume within the hall area.  There are 4 zones which start from the front of the hall and go back.  For an example, if you are having a dinner and dance, you may want to play the music louder up front at the dance floor but play it softly in the back so your guests sitting in the back can enjoy the music but can also still engage in conversation with out competing with the loudness of the music.

The functionality of the system is very easy and user friendly so anybody can do it but an appointment to get trained on using the system prior to your event can be arranged if desired.

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Rental Accessories (Linens, center pieces, etc.)      Back to Top


Rental Items Available

Elks Lodge

Rental Items Price Qty on Hand


9 ĺ China Dishes (white); China Salad Bowl (white); China Coffee Cup (white)China Saucer (white) Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Teaspoon

$1.00 a set 180
Hurricane Lamps $0.75 each 25
Candle Holder $0.25 each 25
Votive Holders $0.25 each 25
Mirrors $0.25 each 30

Brass Arch, Book Stand and 2 Brass Plant Stands

$50 a set 1

White 85X85 table clothes


$5.00 each

Ivory 85X85 table clothes $5.00 each  
White 52X114 table clothes $5.00 each  
Ivory 52X114 table clothes $5.00 each  
Napkins (White and Ivory) $0.37 each  
We also have colored linens and napkins upon request    



Rental Items Available

Personalized Touch Catering

Rental Items Price Qty on Hand


9 ĺ China Dishes (Ivory)


$0.35 each



China Salad Plate (Ivory) $0.30 each 300
China Coffee Cup (Ivory)   $0.25 each 100
China Saucer (Ivory) $0.25 each 100
China Bread or Desert Plate (Ivory) $0.25 each 100
Glass Water Goblet $0.35 each 300

Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner, Knife, Teaspoon

$0.80 each 300
Hurricane Lamps $0.50 each 20
Candle Holder $0.25 each 20
Votive Holders $0.25 each 160

White 85X85 table clothes


$5.00 each

Ivory 85X85 table clothes $5.00 each  
White 52X114 table clothes $5.00 each  
Ivory 52X114 table clothes $5.00 each  
Napkins (White and Ivory) $0.37 each  
We also have colored linens and napkins upon request    

This photo on this page illustrates what a table set-up looks like, excluding the table favors.  As you see in the above photo, salad plate, along with dressing containers can be in place on the table when guests sit down or they can be placed before dinner.

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